Basic Types of Human Relationships

Since the evolution of humankind, we are into relationships with different people. What does one mean when you say you are in a relationship? A relationship is a social interaction by the way we talk, behave, deal, understand and share emotions to stay connected. There are many kinds of relationships that have been evolved in this modern era but understanding the basics is essential. Following are the fundamental kind of relationships we see across the globe:


  1. Relationship with the Family: A Family is a primary mode to enter into a first relationship. Family involves a group of individuals who are united by marriage and birth. It is through the help of family that we seek our identity and purpose of life. Every Individual is incomplete without a family. Each family differs with the number of individuals living in a house. Families can be nuclear, joint, single parenting or however its acceptable by the society. The family is solely responsible for enriching each one of us how to grow, care, nurture, love, respect, communicate, support and strengthen relations with people from all walks of life.


  1. Relationship with people outside home- Friends: Once we reach the life stage to learn something more away from home that’s when we begin to develop a contact with outsiders whom we name as friends found at common educational institution, workplace, community services, neighborhood and every corner of the world that requires you to interact. Friends are made on the fundamentals of mutual trust, respect, affection, common interests and age factor. Some people will build a strong rapport to become close or best pals with whom you would not shy away from sharing everything that is happening with you like your highs and lows, achievements, secrets, and even hanging out together in leisure time.


  1. Relationship with people whom you prefer to stay casual: Those people with whom you choose not to be friends but rather tend to interact in your daily activities are what you term as casual relationships. Such relations are shared with teachers, professors, wardens to name a few when you get educated in schools and colleges. Even at your career stage, you will develop several connections with all the levels of management-like your super boss, your line manager and your team members at an office. So it’s essential to build stronger professional relationships with such people for a stable career.


  1. Romantic Relationship with a life partner: Such type of relationship needs a lot of cooperation, trust, respect, stability and strength to accept and work on each other’s differences in opinion, likes, dislikes, quarrels, and decision making. Such relation is established with a specific person with whom you develop a strong attraction, comfort, the need to spend quality time and share a typical level of compatibility to celebrate, grieve, quarrel, resolve disputes, live happily and age together under one single roof.

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